Every bride has a few special memories from her wedding day. One that I hold close to my heart, was when my new husband and I were waiting in the church’s outdoor courtyard , preparing to sign the marriage certificate. We were surrounded by our wedding party, in our fancy clothes, laughing, hugging, and brimming with excitement. It was dusk and the courtyard was breathtaking with it’s old red brick and surreal echoes of our joy-filled sounds. I felt like I was in a movie, how could this be my real life?! I remember feeling like a princess. In that moment, I WAS a princess in the highest courts. I believe every bride should feel like this on her wedding day. Whether you are married in a formal setting, in the backyard, or just the two of you, it is your day to shine.

At Studio Fiore, we don’t have budget minimums because dreams come in many shapes and sizes. It is a privilege to design for you and help you realize the vision you want for YOUR favorite wedding memory.

About Michelle

Michelle Lorts began her
floral journey via the world of Interior Design. She and her husband own Lorts Manufacturing, a furniture company in it’s third generation of ownership. They also previously owned Interior Design showrooms in both Las Vegas and Atlanta.

After taking a few floral design classes, she was hooked. The satisfaction of creating something beautifully tangible for someone was overwhelming. Michelle completed many floral design classes and seminars, received her AzMF certification, and has been doing weddings and corporate events ever since.